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16L Electric Cigar Humidor Cooling, Heating Control System, Electronic Humidor Cabinet with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves & Hygrometer (2 Layers 100 Capacity)

16L Electric Cigar Humidor Cooling, Heating Control System, Electronic Humidor Cabinet with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves & Hygrometer (2 Layers 100 Capacity)

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  • 【Air-cooled and frost-free & Mute】Using semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology, constant temperature and humidity.Temperature range:54-74℉,Humidity range:60-80%,low noise:≤38 dB. The Kingchii cabinet provides a stable temperature and humidity environment.
  • 【Refrigeration and heating dual function】Different from other cabinets on the market, it has dual functions of refrigeration and heating. The storage environment is more intelligent. There is no vibration when the cabinet is working, saving energy and protecting the environment.
  • 【Natural conservation environment 】Using high-quality Spanish cedar wood frame (including drawers), the volatilized cedar wood oil emits natural aroma, which not only moisturizes and breathes, removes peculiar smell, but also prevents your collection from drying and moldy.
  • 【Hot film tempered glass door】This cabinet adopts double-layer mirror glass, which is heat insulation, heat-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean. It adopts the latest electronic touch screen technology with fast response time and easy operation.
  • 【High-end fashion gift】Can be placed in the living room, study, bedroom and wine cellar. At the same time, it is very suitable for your father and friends as birthday gift, father's day gift and new year gift.

Product Description

1 Living Room 2 Business Meeting 3 Wine Cellar 4 High-end gifts 5 Bedroom
1 Semiconductor chip 2 Energy saving mute 3 Aromatic cedar wood 4 Double glazed panels 5 Hygrometer
  1. KingChii Factory production video

    • Professional supply chain for peace of mind
    • Professional supply chain is a reliable of product quality.
    • The use of leading industry-wide technology, such as semiconductor electronic chip cooling/heating, 360° air-cooling cycle technology, effectively solves the problem of traditional compressor noise and uneven cooling effect.
  2. KingChii Heating&Cooling Cabinet

    • Suitable for high-end social occasions
    • Strengthen the relationship and business communication with each other
    • Place a humidifier in your study, which is a symbol of your identity and taste, and at the same time, can also highlight your business temperament

How many collections can be stored?

16L: 100 Pcs Capacity

26L:200 Pcs Capacity

33L:250 Pcs Capacity

48L:350 Pcs Capacity

What is the size of the product?

Maximum overall dimensions of the product (W x H x D):

16L: 20"D x 9.8"W x 14.1"H

26L:19.88"D x 9.92"W x 20.07"H

33L:20.07"D x 9.92"W x 24"H

48L:20.23"D x 15.74"W x 21.6"H

What type of water should be added to the product?

The product needs to use distilled water to prevent weakening the efficacy of cedar wood.

What material is the panel of the product?

The product is made of double-layer mirror glass, which not only effectively insulates heat, but also looks fashionable and advanced.

Does the product make noise?

The noise of this product is lower than 30dB, similar to whispering with people. Even if you put it in your bedroom, you can still sleep peacefully.

KingChii Models Comparison

16L/(MAX 100 Counts) 26L/(MAX 200 Counts) 33L/(MAX 250 Counts) 48L/(MAX 350 Counts)
Unit Dimensions
20"×9.8"×14.1"(DxWxH) 19.88"×9.92"×20.07"(DxWxH) 20.07"×9.92"×24"(DxWxH) 20.23"×15.74"×21.6"(DxWxH)
1 Shelves & 1 Drawer 3 Shelves & 1 Drawer 3 Shelves & 1 Drawer 1 Shelves & 2 Drawer
Temperature control range
54℉~ 74℉ 54℉~ 74℉ 54℉~ 74℉ 54℉~ 74℉
Use the ambient temperature
41℉-78℉ 41℉-78℉ 41℉-78℉ 41℉-78℉
Noise level
≤38dB ≤38dB ≤38dB ≤38dB
Touch Control
Spanish Cedar Wood
Automatic Humidification


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