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Wine Decanter Swan Looking Back Wine Carafes 100% Lead-Free Crystal Glass Red Wine Decanter Juice Container Wine Decanters and Carafes Nice Gift for Wine Lover(1.5L)

Wine Decanter Swan Looking Back Wine Carafes 100% Lead-Free Crystal Glass Red Wine Decanter Juice Container Wine Decanters and Carafes Nice Gift for Wine Lover(1.5L)

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  • 100% Lead-Free Crystal—This wine decanter has been carefully blown in Qi County, the hometown of glass art with over 50 years crystal glass blowing art history in China. Every blowing master has more than 10-year experience in the blowing craft. Each piece of decanter is crafted and designed with the unique spirit from the blowing master.
  • Elegant Design – The unique design of this wine carafe makes it a special artwork. The body of the decanter mimics the gentle curvature of the form of a swan looking back. The blowing method reduces excessive usage of materials to keep this decanter light and sleek. It will create the artistic atmosphere on its own no matter where it is put.
  • Perfect For Decanting--Mouth-Blown and made of crystal glass,the maximum capacity of this YOXSUNY Swan Looking Back wine decanters and carafes is 1000ml holds .it is recommended to decanter with a standard 750ml bottle of wine, when the surface of the wine reaches the maximum to allow the wine exposed to the air to contact with the oxygen and release aroma of the wine to enhance the flavor.
  • Ease To Pour From Splashing--As fascinating to look at as it is functional to use, the Swan Looking Back decanter does the job of separating sediment from older wines, while allowing the younger ones to aerate and mature. The narrow neck of the swan forms a natural handle for services, which is easy to hold. Wine is simply poured into and out of the wide opening of the Swan’s "tail". The wide opening of the decanter has been cold cut to prevent wine from leaking and splashing.
  • Durable And Easy To Clean—The decanter could be easily cleaned by the provided brush which could be bent into any angle. It is suggested to rinse the decanter with the warm water after each use. We have increased the thickness of the glass for the fragile part of the decanter to prevent it from breaking. It is a durable and sturdy glass artwork.

Product Description


Hand blown crystal glass is one of the important industries in my hometown. There are more than 300 factories here, and every blowing master has more than 10 years' experience, They inject soul into every product, let each artwork has its own unique charm.

Our team of platinum designers and leading blowing masters worked tirelessly to design great products you'll love.


smooth opening

fascinating design

elegant radian

piece of artwork

Impress Your Guests

Elegant round tail shape would become a focal point of your hosted dinners. It's definitely a conversation starter at the dinner table that any wine lover would appreciate immensely.

Why you Need Wine Decanter

Rich Much Flavor and Taste

Most of Wines Need to be Decanted no Matter Old or Young. The Wine Should be Perfectly mixed with air as a result make the flavor and taste Better.

There are Some Sort of Precipitates in The Red Wine, You Should Leave It in a Decanter for a While or Couple of Hours Some Times.


  • How long for decanting?
  • 1.Generally, the structure of aged wine is relatively fragile, and it can be drunk within half an hour after removed impurities in the decanter;
  • 2.The wine in the aging period needs to be sobered in the decanter for about 1 hour;
  • 3.The younger red wine is poured into the decanter for about 2 hours, some young and strong wines take even longer. Eg: Italy Barolo wine.

Expire Fragrance When Pouring

When you pouring the wine after decanting into the glass from this decanter, the aroma of the wine will be sent out, which is one of the important steps in wine tasting and also increases the pleasure.


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